Welcome, radio viewers!

We’ve come to metagrobolize you.

We’ve come home.

Where were we all this time?  Long story.  What’s more, NOT the long story you made your fingers do the hiking all the way up here to hear.

I’ll be back on KFJC-FM, Los Altos Hills, CA, USA to read old and new material live for their October fundraiser.  If you can’t pull that station in no matter how far up you stick your antenna, never fear.  They’re on the Interwebs too, which means the generation coming up will have many more listening choices than hymns-or-Skynyrd no matter where they live.  You can go jump in KFJC’s stream here.

So far the plan is to have me do “Unbedtime Stories” on Ann Arbor’s “Dancin’ in the Fast Lane” show.  That would be on Wednesdays at 7:20 AM, PST.

Yeah.  I know.  Been a while since I stayed up that late too.  Caffeinated and sugary donations will be welcome.

I also plan to make separate Hades episodes available at this site as podcasts, or netcasts, or cast-on-nets, or whatever they’ll be called once the dust settles.  And peripheral stuff like reference material, downloads of original songs from the show, character bios, etc.  Even, eventually, links where you can buy publications and related merch.  This will be your go-to Hades place.

Stay tuned.  We’ll be there. . . unless They find out.  Until then I remain

Your good and deserving aunt,

Nora Maki


One thought on “Welcome, radio viewers!

  1. Awesome! Please, please, please put the old Hades Ham Journal episodes out, as a podcast! Hades was absolutely one of my all-time favorite things, ever! I have never met ANYBODY who has even heard of it, and this is a fucking travesty!

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